Typical Applications

Measuring Oil Receipts

Petroleum products like diesel, furnace oil, LDO and LSHS are received in bulk by tank lorries or through railway wagons. The present system of recording the quantity of oil receipt is either by dip-stick measurement or by weighment of tank lorries. Both these methods suffer with inadequate information and unsrupulous pilferage of costly fuels is quite common.

Now, one can install Kent Oil Meter at the receiving point whenever oil is received, exact quntity can be recorded through the meter.

Monitoring Oil Consumption

With the continuously rising prices of oil, management of oil consumption is more important then ever. Kent Oil Meters help to monitor oil consumption in oil consuming equipment like diesel generators, boilers, furnaces, thermopack etc. Monitoring of oil consumption in individual equipment on daily basis helps to reduce consumption by taking corrective maintenance action at the earliest.

Recording Draw - Off From Storage Tanks

Kent Oil Meters can be installed in the lines supplying oil from main storage tanks to consumption points. They help to record and maintain inventory of costly petroleum products. Kent Oil Meter functions effectively even under gravity head.

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