• The size of the Kent Oil Meters for an application should be based on maximum oil flow rate in the pipeline, the pipeline size and pressure available at meter point.
  • For unloading of oils under gravity head we recommend use of 80mm size meters. Optionally 50mm meter can also be used.
  • For unloading petroleum products by pump, install a50mm/ 80mm oil meter.
  • For recording draw offs from storage tanks use 40mm, 50mm or 80mm size meter based on the maximum oil flow rate in the line.
  • For monitoring oil consumption, use 15mm, 20mm or 25 mm size kent oil meters based on maximum oil flow rate and the head available. If flowrate is small and the pipeline size is big then reducers should be used.


  • Kent Oil Meters are supplied either with screwed ends or flanged ends. For 15mm, 20mm and 25mm size Kent oil Meters, screwed as well as flanged ends are available. The 40mm, 50mm and 80mm size meters are flanged only. Drillings are as per DIN ND10 specifications. optionally other drillings are also available.
  • To remove particulate contamination from oil stream a strainer of not less than 100 mesh should be fitted up stream of the meter. Before the meter and filter are fitted, pipelines must be flushed thoroughly. To simplify subsequent servicing it is recommended that each meter and its associated filter are installed with a bypass.
  • Use of air release system is also essential while unloading petroleum products through a pump. This ensures removal of air from the oil stream which may otherwise cause metering error.

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