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To test Lubricating Oils in minutes on site
LUBE OILAB pioneered by S.S. Engineering is a revolutionary breakthrough aimed at conserving precious lubricating oils, simultaneously allowing operating machines to perform with optimum output and efficiency.
Regular testing of lubricating oils is essential in order to :
1) Determine the condition of oil in use.
2) Identify and initiate prompt rectification of machine problems.
3) Change oils based on their condition and not on fixed intervals.
4) Check the quality of new oil before use.
Oil Test Kits to test Lubricating Oils
1) Lube Oilab can analyse all types of automotive and industrial
lubricants such as Engine Oils, Gear Oils, Hydraulic Oils, Turbine Oils,
Compressor Oils, etc.
2) Allows regular testing of used and new oils.
3) Identifies malfunction and initiate corrective action.
4) Reduces possibilities of machine failure, damage and malfunction.
5) Increases oil drain period thus preventing excess oil wastage and loss.
1) Portable
2) Simple to Operate
3) Instant results
4) Accurate
5) Highly Cost-effective
Lube Oilab incorporates - a versatile array of gages to conduct the relevant tests for effective analysis Specially designed Pump which can draw test oil samples directly from the oil sumps or other sources into the sample bottle upto a height of 10 ft.
A handy Visgage determines the exact viscosity of the new and used lubricating oils in "Centistokes" (range 2cSt to 460cSt).
Water Content
A handy Hydrogage determines exact water content in oils in terms of percentage volume. The range is 0 - 1.24% or higher.
Total Base Number
By a go-no-go test, based on the titration principle, this TBN test determines whether the engine oil has a minimum Total Base Number (TBN) value or not.
Insoluble & Dispersancy
The Blotter Test determines the dispersancy and insoluble in engine oils