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Centrifugal Lube Oil Filter Cart
Super cleans lubricating oils, Reduces oil replacement costs significantly, Curtails engine & machine downtime and reduces equipment replacement cost.
1) The unit is portable and can be easily moved near machinery requiring oil cleaning.
2) Uses off-line filtration process and cleans even when the machine is in operation.
3) Lube oils from New Barrels can be filled through the unit into a machine reservoir.
All modern diesel engines, hydraulic systems and oil circulating systems fit full-flow filters. These filters do not clean oil but only stops large dust particles reaching the engine/lubrication parts. Small wear particles and contaminants still get through these filters. Tests have proved that these small particles are equally damaging as they continue circulating-in and are not removed by conventional full flow filters. Abrasion due to contamination by such particles in the lube oil, is now the most significant cause of wear. Therefore, lube oil cleanliness is the most vital cause and wear is directly related to lube oil cleanliness.
OILCON'S Centrifugal Filter
The heart of OILCON's Centrifugal Lube Oil Filter Cart is the centrifugal filter. Until now a centrifuge was investing in an expensive electric motor-driven machine. Now there is the Oilcon's Centrifuge, a self-contained high-speed unit driven only by oil pressure; inside the centrifuge is a 2-in-1 set rotator powered by oil pressure rotates at speeds upto 6000 rpm; forces 2500 times greater than gravity are created to literally force dirt and contaminants out of the oil. Hard and sharp abrasive metallic particles down to one-tenth of a micron in size & the rest of the dirt, which causes parts to wear and oils to deteriorate, are removed.
OILCON's Centrifugal Lube oil Filter Cart is suitable for cleaning most type of
lubricating oils. However, it finds typical applications in:
1) Regular cleaning of diesel engine oils being used in Generators and Earth
Moving machineries;
2) Cleaning of hydraulic oils in machine tools, injection moulding machinery
and earth moving machinery;
3) Cleaning of varieties of oils like circulating oils, gear-box oils and compressor
oils especially contaminated with metallic and dust particles.