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Portable Oil Filter Unit
OILCON'S Portable Oil Filter Unit is for use at the point of application. It removes dirt and sediments from oil streams and makes oil clean. Several ratings of cartridges ranging from 1 micron are available to suit specific applications. It is easy to use and maintain. OILCON'S Portable oil Filter Unit has a rugged design suitable for the toughest industrial application. Regular use with Diesel results in reduced maintenance of generators and engines and increased efficiency. When used with lubricating oils it increases oil service life as well as reduces the equipment downtime and maintenance.
1) Used for filtration of Diesel, Lubricating Oils & Chemicals
2) Depth type filters to remove dirt and particles upto 3
micron rating (1 - 10 micron optional)
3) Self-priming motorized pump with a starter
4) Pressure indicator for filter clogging.
DIESEL at user`s sites gets contaminated during the process of storage and transportation. The Portable Oil Filter Unit would free the diesel of all sediments and the use of purified diesel would increase the life of the engines as well as its efficiency. LUBRICATING OILS from new drums should be filled into the machines through Portable Oil Filter Unit and it will remove dirt which enters sometimes during the storage process. Besides, the machine reservoir oil is always cleaner than the oils from new drums. It is, therefore, essential to charge the new oil into the reservoir through the filtration process. CLEANING OF OILS IN CIRCULATION SYSTEM Routine filtering of hydraulic oils, gear oils and circulating oil is a key to preventive maintenance. The Portable Oil Filter Unit is also used to clean the reservoir oil if any major contamination occurs.
Portable Oil Filter Unit effectively cleans the following oils:
1) Hydraulic oils
2) Transformer oils
3) Quenching oils
4) Gear oils
5) Cutting oils
6) All types of lubricating oils
7) Diesel
8) L.D.O.
9) Water
10) Chemicals (non-corrosive)
11) Solvents
OILCON'S Portable Oil Filter Unit