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Measuring Oil Receipts
KENT Oil Meters are an accurate, reliable and economical way of obtaining all the information a user needs to control oil consumption in Generators, Boilers. The meters are also used to measure exact oil receipts. Wherever oil is received, stored and used, KENT Oil Meters measure, totalize and records flow precisely. KENT Oil Meters can be installed in the pipeline and would calculate the flow of oil flowing through the line.
Measure exact oil receipts
Monitoring Oil Consumption
With the continuously rising prices of oil, the management of oil consumption has become an important aspect. In this concern, KENT Oil Meters can help in monitoring the consumption of oil in different equipment like diesel generators, boilers, furnaces, thermo Pac etc. Monitoring of oil consumption in different equipment on a daily basis can help in reducing consumption by taking the corrective maintenance action at the earliest.
Monitor Oil Consumption
Recording Draw-Off From Storage Tanks
KENT Oil Meters can be installed in the lines supplying oil from main storage tanks to consumption points. They help to record and maintain an inventory of costly petroleum products. KENT Oil Meter functions effectively even under a gravity head.
Monitor Oil Transfer