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Electronic Systems
While the data generated by a KENT Oil Meter can be read manually at the point of flow, in many applications today, the oil meter has become a part of a complex instrumentation and control system. Recognizing this, KENT Oil Meters are designed to interface with the electronic systems and for remote readouts. Following optional equipment are also offered
Pulse generator (PG 1)
It transforms the mechanical motion of the meter into a pulse signal. It requires a 12 to 24 volts power supply (Being supplied by remote totalizer) and it gives pulse output signal via three core tables.
Remote Totaliser and Flow Rate Indicator (TF 200)
Pulse signal from PG1 can be totalized as well as the rate of flow indicated by this unit with the following features
1) 6 digits 0.3" LED display
2) Displays total flow rate of flow
3) CSize 72 mm X 72 mm X 120 mm
4) Case material ABS housing
5) Operating temperature range 0 - 50oC
6) weight 600 Gms
7) Panel cut out 68 mm (H) X 68 mm (W)
8) Mains voltage-operated
FI Convertor (4 - 20 mA signal generator)
The pulse output signal from the pulse unit can be fed into FI converter and 4 - 20 mA signal is generated. This signal can be utilized for process controls. This can also be used as parallel equipment with TF 200. The specifications are as under
1) Input pulse signal
2) Output 4 - 20 mA/
3) Size 60mm X 70mm X 114mm
4) 20 mA signal setting through thumb wheels
5) Din rail mounted enclosures
FI Combined Batching, Totalizer and Rate of Flow Unit (BTF 200)
Combined with the pulse generator, the unit totalizes the flow of oil, indicates the rate of flow and has two set points for dispensing of pre-determined quantities of liquids. With the help of this unit, pre-determined quantities of liquids can be transferred, and automatic controls generated. Specifications are as under:
1) 6 digits 0.3" LED display
2) Displays total flow and rate of flow
3) Size 72mm X 72mm X 120mm
4) Case material ABS housing
5) Weight 600 gms
6) Panel cut out 68 mm (H) X 68 mm (W)
7) Number of set points 2
8) Reset arrangement via front panel and rear terminal
9) Output two relays, 1 CO each, 5A @ 230 V AC/ 24 V DC
Designed to interface with the electronic systems