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Positive Displacement Type
Among the many flow meter designs available today, it holds the top place both in performance and in field-proven appraisement, is must for high viscosity fluids.
Finest Accuracy & Reliability
Exceptional accuracy and reliability are the result of state-of-the-art machining techniques; advanced quality control programs; and the most advanced testing and proving facilities. Typical accuracy is better than +(-) 0.5% of reading indicated. Meters accurate to better than +(-) 0.2% can also be furnished on request.
Low-Pressure Drop
Even with high viscosity products, the pressure drop across the meter is very low. The meter can operate even under 1" head of oil. It is successfully utilized to receive oils; especially diesel, petrol, LDO etc. even while unloading under gravity head without an extra source of pumping.
Reliable Electronics
As optional equipment, pulse generators are also available for converting the output into a pulse signal for remote instrumentation and control. Electronic instruments for remote totalization, flow rate indication, batch control, and computer interface are readily available.
Simple Construction & Easy Maintenance
In contrast to the many designs including traditional ones, the KENT Oil Meters operate on a principle, which cannot be simplified any more. The volumetric rotary piston design means that the accuracy is maintained irrespective of the plain in which meter is mounted.
1) Parts in contact with the liquid are exceptionally small, which means only small pockets are present in the measuring chamber.
2) By employing a powerful magnetic coupling between the measuring chamber and the register,
only one moving part is exposed to the metered fluid resulting in ease of maintenance and long service life. Normally KENT Oil Meters are supplied with mechanical counters and do not require any power source. The dial can be rotated and locked in four cardinal positions to assist the reading of meter from any angle.